We have been helping clients solve problems since 2012. We have been solving our own problems as an asset owner since 2013. Long before that we were solving other people's problems as employees.

Those problems often involve gold and coal mines, remote power and infrastructure, eco-villages on the side of mountains, renewable energy generation, storage and distribution, conveyors, concentrators, international procurement, Chinese equipment, developing country customs officers, machete wielding villagers and bad Thai curries.

We have had to be adaptable and resilient. 


Our Mission

Mission statements are usually full of fluff. Fluff doesn't tend to last too long in the jungle or under the glare of a contract.

Our Mission is to deliver on our promises.

Our goal is to not make stupid promises.

Our plan is to work as a team, in concert with other teams, to achieve our Mission.

Every time you make the hard, correct decision you become a bit more courageous and every time you make the easy, wrong decision you become a bit more cowardly. If you are CEO, these choices will lead to a courageous or cowardly company.
— Ben Horowitz, CEO and Venture Capitalist

What We actually do

  • Make Investment Decisions - Everything below supports this 1 question "where and how should we spend our money to get the best return on investment?"
  • Scope Studies & Projects - Actually scope them, so that they can be executed the right way, to answer the right questions, so that the right decisions can be made. 
  • Develop Finance Packages - Finding investors and financiers with the right appetite is hard. You need to know their appetite and you need to know what you're pitching. We help clients structure transactions and developments to be able to attract finance.
  • Manage Studies - Convert questions to assumptions. The assumptions form the basis for deciding to proceed with Projects.
  • Manage Projects - Convert assumptions to outcomes via conversion of Capital to Assets. The outcomes and assets enable the business to generate revenue in a sustainable manner.
  • Manage Operations - Utilize Assets to be profitable in a sustainable manner. Asset management is more than just preventative maintenance.
  • Solve Problems - Seems simple hey? Not much of a tag line but it's the truth. The heart of our business is a love of solving problems. Getting paid to do that is even sweeter.


  • Business Management - you need to understand business to do these things well.
  • Study and Project Management - the core skills for doing new stuff.
  • Operations & Maintenance Management - the core skills for making existing stuff hum.
  • Visionary Leadership at the top; Adaptable Leadership in the middle; Resilient Leadership on the ground - by God you must have the right kind of leadership in the right place at the right time.
  • Practical Supervisors on the ground making the work happen - negotiating, driving, navigating, planning, doing, overcoming crazy problems. These people make grand designs a reality.
  • Professional engineering and design expertise - find them, make the right team for the job and lead them to produce great work that can be built, operated and maintained.
  • Global Recruitment - to form the right teams for the job, you need to reach across the globe. Don't ask Aussies to design footings on permafrost; don't ask Icelanders to do push ups in the jungle.
  • Local Recruitment - to work in remote areas, you need locals. Finding great locals and integrating them into global teams is hard. Fail at this and the likelihood for blowups is greatly increased. Succeed at this and you will know the environment and the ecosystem at a level that is literally unattainable with all the tech in the world combined.
  • Security & Logistics - shiny things need to move long distances and they always attract attention. Getting people and gear around the world is a beautiful combination of art and science. When it comes to security, the art is deceptive and the science is ruthless.
  • Community Engagement - every physical asset project is embedded in a local community. Understanding and aligning projects and operations with local community expectations is absolutely vital to sustainable and safe activities.

What sets us apart from other consultants?

We develop and operate our own assets. We make investment decisions for ourselves, on behalf of shareholders, shareholder employees and financiers. We live with our decisions.