I'm the Managing Director / CEO and Co-Founder of Karbine Services and Karbine Mining.

The Karbine group of companies delivers project and operational services to clients in the mining, property and energy industries. We also invest in, develop and operate mining projects for our own shareholders. To us, the core skill sets required are identical. It's mindset and contracts that create divergence.

Our mining business is focused on developing and operating Australian gold mines. We are an Australian company but we have a lot of international experience and we like bringing 1st world and developing country techniques together wherever we operate. Remote operations is our specialty and community engagement and security are the backbones of resilient and sustainable gold mines.

Our services business is focused on property development management in South East Qld. We manage the development of property projects on behalf of asset owners by providing superintendent, contract administration and financier governance services. We specialise in sustainable mixed use developments in the 50 - 500 lot range. This is the range where development require professional management and governance to satisfy financial requirements and where the scale is sufficient to implement eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Examples include aged care homes, resort/villages, strata/community developments where private utilities must be built to satisfy council constraints. 

I'm the MD so it's all my fault, especially the bits I know nothing about. 

As the businesses have evolved, so have my roles. My primary day to day roles (beyond the core role of Leading) comprise Investor Relations and Product Management. I'm particularly excited about the challenges we have faced in productizing mining processes. Demolishing silos and pushing physical DevOps beyond a system is opening up entirely new ways of working in our industry.

Personal details

I'm a mechanical engineer by profession and an ex-soldier by disposition. Balancing the mindsets of a CEO-with-shareholders and Entrepreneur-with-dreams is a spectacular and rewarding challenge. I love learning new things and and I love learning more about things I have always been fascinated by.

My Myers Briggs is ENTJ. I find it a bit disturbing how accurate some of this is.

I recently (2016) completed the "Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: The Fundamentals of Oil, Gas and Mining Governance"course run by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. It was a great course and I highly recommend it to anyone who works across borders and wants a greater understanding of resource related geopolitics.

If you're interested in some of my previous lives as an employee, feel free to hop on over to my linkedin page:

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Some of the things I currently find fascinating and am educating myself on include:

  • Leadership in an increasingly automated and (dis?)connected world
  • AI and the inevitable dislocation of the human ego
  • Mobile sensors and the Internet of Things
  • Blockchain and distributed governance models

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Some of my favourite content are:

Leadership - Tides of War , Steven Pressfield                                 Fictional account of the Peloponnesian War (Athens & Sparta).

Podcast - A16z                               Andreessen Horowitz is a VC firm that covers a lot of business , strategy and leadership topics.

Strategy - Art of War , Sun Tzu                      Read a version with some good narrative/guidance notes, such as Chiron Academic.

Leadership/Teamwork - Team of Teams , Stanley McChrystal         Great read on decentralised governance and shared awareness.