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We utilise our extensive property development experience, expertise and industry network to deliver the right projects for our clients, with efficiency and effectiveness. Karbine Services manages the entire Property Development Management process; from Preliminary Assessments through to Construction Documentation.   


  •  We work collaboratively with reputable Financiers, Accountants, Town planners, Architects and Contractors. We are able to save your time and money at every stage of the development process.
  •  With extensive property experience and reputation in the industry, we are able to provide our Clients with valuable and comprehensive information, leading to each projects success.
  • We highly valuate the importance of time & budget management.We offer efficient and effective systems to streamline the property development process to ensure Client objectives are met.






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Services |  Development Management Advisory (Consulting)



  • Find the right site for you including pre-purchase due diligence (planning controls, legal issues, site dynamics, heritage, environmental / land contamination, BCA reviews etc).
  • Review market supply & demand factors, sales/leasing evidence and identify risk, threats and opportunities to determine project feasibility.  Evaluating costs, town planning and development issues.
  • Provide strategies to increase property value by reducing energy, water costs, and reach long term sustainability goals.
  • Finance procurement through reputable institutions and mortgage brokers ensuring that you obtain competitive finance.
  • Find the right joint venture partners to help you finance your project.
  • Design management using an architectural team excelled in designing projects with strong market appeal that can be built economically.              

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  • Find the right surveying and subdivision services for you using the resources of our experienced team.
  • Town planning approval procurement; Liaise with local planning authorities regarding development requirements and controls, and negotiate best outcomes. 
  • Manage the DA submission process and motivate for early approval
  • Construction project management to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget. 
  • Design and develop a programme to maximize pre-commitment and pre-sales
  • Provide integrated Marketing & Communication support using our network of agents to sell or lease your property for you at top market prices.