Development Management for Property Owners & Developers

Karbine Services provides Development Management services for Land Owners and Property Developers. We work with developers and owners of land parcels who are looking to create value on their sites.

We consider ourselves to be experts at project management, but we do not consider project management to be the service that most property owners need. Owners are developing a product, and product management is related to, but different from, project management.

Project Management is a subset of Product Management. A well managed project may produce a non-profitable product. A poorly managed project is very unlikely to be profitable. Project Management ensures we are doing things right; Product Management ensures we are doing the right thing. At Karbine, we practice both of these processes in parallel and call it Development Management.

As Development Managers, we provide owners and developers with expertise to manage the entire process of creating a profitable product, in line with the owners vision, and within the limitations that all owners face, including finance and approvals. The art and science of Development Management come together at the front end to identify the subset of products that the owner wants to and can develop, and to articulate an execution strategy that is simple and sufficiently detailed to achieve the vision at acceptable levels of risk.  

As Development Managers, we provide project management rigour to the execution of any job, to ensure that all of the pieces and consultants and stakeholders fit together, and work together, to achieve the project requirements. We also ensure that the project interfaces are maintained, as all development projects are executed within the external environment, with local community, government authorities and financiers among the major external stakeholders.

Developments are both Products and Projects - we understand the differences between the two and we know which is the most important. A great Product that is very profitable is the goal; a well managed project helps to achieve that goal.