Dry Coal Processing

Dry coal processing has been developed and refined in China over the last 25 years. There are over 1000 dry coal plants in operation across the world from small, low cost washeries to very large power plants. In addition to its inherent technical capabilities, the serious and persistent water shortages in Western China forced the development of more advanced dry coal processing as conventional coal washeries became financially non-viable.

While numerous types of dry coal processing facilities exist, Karbine generally recommends the FGX type plant for small and medium scale mines. The FGX system is modular and is often installed in multiple modules in series and parallel to achieve the required product specification and throughput. The FGX is an "off the shelf" product that is manufactured in China and thus requires extensive integration for use in Australia. Karbine has developed a complete packaging system for determining the changes (e.g. wiring) and substitutions/additions (e.g. Local Control Stations & Isolators) required to meet Client needs.

An FGX type Dry Coal Processing Plant

An FGX type Dry Coal Processing Plant

Primary uses of dry coal plants are:

  • In pit reject separation (reduction of transport and CHPP costs)
  • Coal separation in low water areas
  • Very low cost coal separation for small mines
  • Development coal processing and/or on site test bed
  • Pre CHPP high ash removal to minimise CHPP size
  • Rejects processing

The key advantages of dry coal plants are:

  • Low capital cost
  • Simple, largely pre-fabricated structure is very easy and fast to erect
  • Simple, easy to maintain operation
  • Very low operating cost with low power requirements
  • No process water required (no water except spray bars if required)
  • Ultra low dust production (plant is completely enclosed and all air is filtered and reused)
  • Small, compact footprint

Karbine can advise on specific coal quality tests which are applicable to dry coal processing.