Mining DevOps

Our brothers at Karbine Mining stole the jump on us by recently publishing an article on Devops. To recap, DevOps is the shortened form of Development & Operations and is a management practice that focuses on integrating Development (Project & Study) Management with Operations Management. The intent is to tear down the silos that so often plague our industry and to ensure that assets are Developed with the Operational intent in mind and Operated with the full range of knowledge tools and information that was used by the Developers.

Internally, Karbine Services provides the Development arm of the Karbine group of companies. We setup the platforms and apply the techniques to ensure that our Operations teams are equipped with every advantage possible during the asset lifecycle. Development work at Karbine extends from Acquisition and Due Diligence through to Exit, whether that be Shut Down or Sale/Transfer. By working backwards from the end state to before the beginning, we ensure that every Karbine asset has a core of common systems and understandings that support intelligent decision making.

Externally, Karbine Services provides advice and solutions to clients on Development of their assets. Mining Development services are typically staged as Studies and Projects to enable asset owners to move up the value chain in defined steps. Karbine seeks to provide clients with Operationally focused guidance and actionable intelligence. Development is the process of making the tough decisions on deployment of finite resources and capital to maximise the effectiveness of Operations.

The purpose of Karbine is to Service the needs of Operators and to begin that service long before the Operators become stewards of their asset.