We help Miners and Explorers create and improve Production and Infrastructure assets

We are a vertically integrated business; We invest in, design, develop, own and operate physical assets on behalf of investors and shareholders. We also offer these skills to Owners and Partners.

Consulting keeps us on the sharp edge. If our skills aren't commercially viable, we shouldn't be using them ourselves.

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business strategy

The heart of every successful development is a Strategy that accounts for the reality of markets and the Owners financial situation. A good Strategy is simple to understand, simple to explain to others, and forms the cornerstone of asset planning and execution.

Owners that begin developing without a well defined Strategy often feel like their projects "have a mind of their own". A robust Strategy is the Owner's best friend when facing unexpected changes, negotiating with difficult suppliers, and asking the eternal question "What do I do now?"


The best development idea only becomes an asset after capital is applied.

The best development only realises a profit after it is approved, built and operated.

We manage Marketing and Sales and connect Owners with the commercial partners they need to realise their ambitions. We also engage with and build relationships with communities and local authorities to create the permissive environment that Customers need in remote and difficult locations.



Feasibility study

A Feasibility study is an economic and technical study of an Owner's asset development that provides a recommended path (or paths) to achieving a profitable outcome.

Early stage and small scale assets are often treated in an ad-hoc fashion due to the perception of Asset Owners that Feasibility Studies are expensive and time consuming. The opposite could not be more true: A structured, appropriately scaled Feasibility Study provides Owners with the roadmap to make hard decisions in the face of uncertainty.

development management

Managing the Development of an asset from concept to operations (or exit) is a demanding task involving hundreds of activities. Many Owners cannot afford to engage a full time team to do all this work and try and take it on themselves, or through a single consultant who promises the earth.

We provide outsourced Development teams to manage the entire asset life cycle. Our teams operate on a retainer, part time or full time basis as appropriate. We consider equity/commission deals with the right partners.



offshore outsourcing

As global developers and operators we have formed links with many offshore designers, suppliers and logistics companies. We can provide Owners with ready made support networks in various locations and we develop, validate and manage support networks as a service.  Particular areas of specialty include Chinese Coal & Gold/Copper Design and Design & Supply. In these instances we act as Interface Managers, controlling the activities and interfaces and ensuring the correct Australian and local standards and activities are performed (e.g. interface management of Australian Fire Water design).

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operational support setup & ramp up

As an adjunct to our Development Management, we assist Owners with the setup and ramp-up of operational teams and systems. Many professional miners have only worked in large, Western miners with overwhelming systems that inhibit productivity and often compromise safety (substitution of paperwork for commonsense and risk mitigation). We specialise in the roll out of fit for purpose systems and the screening and recruiting of employees. We second people into the Owner's team to take ownership on site and get that asset producing in a sustainable, safe manner while new Owner's employees are brought onboard and brought up to speed - our speed.

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