We deliver great outcomes for great clients.

If you have a mining or property project that needs help, we're on your team.


We help asset owners and developers create new assets that provide high sales margins and/or ongoing cashflow from profitable management rights.

We are not a body shop. We don't keep hundreds of employees in our offices and change their CVs to make them attractive to every client that walks in the door. "Reimbursability" and "Burn Rate" are not words we use when making investment decisions. That's right - investment decisions. Our time is precious. Our capital is precious. 

We engage the right people, with the right tools, for the right jobs. If we don't have the right people, we get them. If we can't get them, we don't want the job.

Our industry is in trouble because we have broken the bonds between performance and outcomes. Contractors are incentivised to maximise manhours and Clients avoid risk at all costs. The result is industries that are killing themselves.

We aren't interested in playing that game. We love working with great companies and we are always eager to take on new challenges. Building deep relationships that benefit both parties has been the foundation of our business. We don't shy away from the tough jobs but we draw the line at the stupid ones.

If you've got a wicked, complex problem that seems intractable and can't possibly be delivered within your current budget, we'd love to hear about it. That sort of stuff gets our juices flowing. 



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